What The Future Of Robotics Holds

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Hello, Robots!

When computers first came about, large scale protests were happening all over the world. People feared losing their jobs. As many of them did, and their only source of income would be completely cut off. Therefore, clashes broke out in all parts of the world. It was a man vs machine scenario. Eventually, we learnt to recognise the importance of these computers and today; one cannot imagine a world without them. Let’s know about future robots in the upcoming generation.

What The Future Robot Will Do: Magnificent Machines

What The Future Robot Will Do: Magnificent Machines

More About Robots And Their Future

One can expect similar protests when future robots are introduced ever. They bared a striking resemblance to human beings. These machines, however, can achieve a lot more than the normal capacity of mere mortals. Research indicates that within the next fifty years, robots will become an integral part of our lives. They will also be used in  our families. They will be an indispensable family member. With increasing development in Artificial Intelligence, they will also be capable of exhibiting human emotions.

Within the next few years, future robots will find their way to every home, especially in the western world. Having such robots can indeed be very beneficial.


Household Help

This is perhaps the most important reason behind the demand for robots. With working members of the family, daily jobs like cleaning and washing clothes and mopping the floor becomes more comfortable if there is a future robot who can be programmed to perform all these tasks even when there is nobody at home.


Constant Company

A lot of families these days have older people or children living alone at home for most of the day. Having a robot can be very useful in this regard because they can be perfect companions for them. From being a playmate to a patient listener, the future robot will be able to meet all age requirements in a single package.


Safe And Secure

The future robot will increase the safety of a house by leaps and bounds. Since they have much better hearing than the average range of human ears, they can detect even the slightest of sounds. This enables them to take necessary actions to ensure the security of the house. This can go a long way, especially when it comes to preventing household or domestic crimes. They can also act as a check on domestic violence and can bind or restrain the person performing such an act.


Handy Help

A Future Robot will be very useful for persons with disabilities. They can assist in the daily chores of the person. In some cases, they may even allow such people to have proper livelihood which under normal circumstances wouldn’t be possible. For example, a cafe service in Tokyo was known to use waiters who are controlled by physically disabled people. This, therefore, ensures a steady source of income, thereby preventing them from being utterly dependent on others.

What The Future Robot Will Do: Magnificent Machines

What The Future Robot Will Do: Magnificent Machines


There has been a growth in the demand/need for robots in recent years. This is because most people live in nuclear families this day. They have a robot not only makes things very convenient but also serves as a constant companion for the elderly and the young at home.



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