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“Singapore Park Yellow Robot” is the latest comedy from Singapore producer Lee Teng-hui. Directed by Lee Teng-hui, the film is based on the Chinese animated cartoon character, the Yellow Robot. The movie is scheduled to be released in April of 2021. The story begins with Inspector Wu, a Chinese national, arrives at the Singapore Zoo to investigate a series of animal attacks that have taken place within the zoo’s moat. In the process of his investigation, he comes across a talking yellow robot who asks for help to save the lives of the injured animals.

An Overview

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The Yellow Robot then makes its way into Inspector Wu’s car and transforms into a monster-like robot that attacks the cars of Inspector Wu and the police officer pursuing him. To save the animals, Inspector Wu drives his car through a series of tunnels built by the Singa Corporation. Meanwhile, a crazed maniac, marking the villainous presence of the Yellow Robot, seeks to destroy the entire Singa Corporation and attack the Singapore Park.

While these events unfold, the Yellow Robot dog also travels into the sewer system and battles the brave men who are trying to apprehend him. Meanwhile, the social distancing between Inspector Wu and the other Singa Corporation employees begins to widen as the Yellow Robot continues on its relentless quest to destroy the Singa Corporation. Meanwhile, the yellow robot dog also seeks out the origins of the evil villain. He then tracks the mad genius to a secret laboratory where he meets up with his army of robot spawn.

Best Features

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The Singapore location of the Yellow Robot dog also uses cameras to help identify the culprit. One scene shows the yellow robot dog interrogating the captured villain who threatens to release a deadly gas in the city if the police officers arrest him. The police officers disguise themselves in uniforms similar to the yellow robot dogs and storm the suspect’s hideout, finally freeing him from custody. Inside the hideout, however, the evil genius escapes through the ventilation system. In pursuit, the cops pursue him through the sewers, but are confronted by the evil genius himself. To escape the sewers, the police officers are forced to use a lift that they uncover after breaking a window.

The Yellow Robot dog then engages the heroes in a dog fight, using his sharp claws to rip the arms and legs out of the human host. The police captain then charges Inspector Wu with capturing the yellow robot dog. At the trial, the social distancing between the detective and the rest of the suspects is further worsened when the human jurors refuse to believe that the man behind the robot was in fact a robot. When the judge orders the robot’s release, the innocent human defendants are shocked that their friend has been turned into a monster.

The Ending

The movie ends with the yellow robot dog attacking the remaining robots and the robot police officer. When he is impaled with wire cutters, the police captain escapes while the robot dog kills the remaining humans. Out of rage, the remaining police officers shoot the robot dog, killing him. The police captain then orders the police force to arrest the remaining humans.

Due to the social distancing caused by the trial and the fact that the human jury refuses to believe that the defendant was a robot, the movie ends with the yellow robot dog locked up in a cement block facility. He is fed regular meals and water. Eventually he becomes friendly again, and the other robots start to like him. He then joins the humans in their everyday lives. However, one day he is mistaken for a robot and taken away from his owners’ home.


The success of the robot movie depends on the director choosing a villain that the audience will despise and making the other robots so inferior that they are not even worth mentioning. However, this is the only way to make a science fiction movie interesting. The combination of a good villain and an interesting victim makes for a good science fiction film. For this reason, I recommend anyone who wants to watch a robot movie to look for a villain that does not get enough screen time and instead watch one of the interesting robots.

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