Uses Of Nano-materials And Nanobots

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What Are Nano-materials And Nanobots

Nano-materials are not as complicated as they sound. They appear distant from our daily lives, something of science fiction. But they’re not. They exist in cups, glasses and even vases. Uses of nano-materials are existing since early European societies, because it special colors and textures.

In the modern world of today, nano-materials are present in most everything. It is present in sun-protective clothing, cut smells from deodorants, and in important electronic parts. While the technology may seem complicated to understand, it works to make our lives easier. Once nano-materials are incorporated into a technology, it becomes convenient to use. It offers precision and efficiency.

Uses Of Nano-materials And Nanobots

Uses Of Nano-materials And Nanobots

What Is a Nano-material?

A nano-material is a material on the nano-scale. Anything which falls in the range of 1-150 nano-meters, or one billionth of a meter. Its specialty is that it exhibits unique properties not seen at macroscopic scale, with the same material. Some nano-materials become super strong; others have great conducting power. It is unlike any other material present.

Nanobots are tiny robots. Nano-materials create nanobots. The idea of what a robot is, is not the same as what we see on television. It is not so in science. Scientists believe that robots are machines that can work without human supervision. Thus, nanobots are like tiny programmed machines than an actual walking or talking robot, the results are the same. It encourages scientific study.

Uses Of Nano-materials And Nanobots

Uses Of Nano-materials And Nanobots

Uses Of Nanomaterials And Nanobots

Nanomaterials exist in most everything. It is mainly present in medicine and research.

Nanomaterials In Medicine-

In medicine, nano-robots are able patrol your blood vessels looking out for any kind of damage to report or repair. This is the dream. But there is still further work to do in the arena. Nano-robots are the next step in medicine. Nano-robots are present in the treatment of cancer. Moreover, scientists created nanobots targeting cancer cells. Moreover, it drilled holes in them, causing cell death.

In the future, doctors envision nanobots delivering medicine to target cells instead of treating patients systematically as we do currently, orally or intravenous medication. Nanobots may be even able to stay in the body and look for plaque buildup in our arteries during atherosclerosis and then take the appropriate actions to clean them. Furthermore, this will benefit the medical field and create new ground breaking technologies.

Uses of Nanobots In Research-

Nano-material is present in the research used to develop medical treatments. Nano-material need a thorough look. Researchers study DNA with nano-particles. Moreover, DNA with nano-materials has created sensors and precise targeted imaging of cells, as well as specific cell delivery vehicles.

Nano-materials work as DNA probes

This detects a target DNA sequence in a mixture. Therefore, it is helpful in identifying microorganisms, such as pathogenic bacteria. And to look for mutations that might cause diseases

Although, there are currently many technologies for detecting DNA in a mixture, nano-materials stand out as it offers great precision and resolution. Nano-materials are used to create highly sensitive DNA sequencing methods. Uses of Nano-materials can theoretically engineer to detect individual pieces of DNA for sequencing.  However, this saves researchers time and money.

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