Top 5 Smart Robots Companies Across The World

There is a revolutionary paradigm shift in the field of smart robots/robotics. These robotic developments are continually curating a new perspective in the modern world. Artificial Intelligence also aids in making the technology better for future generations. Moreover, smart robots are brilliant in their ways.

On the other hand, some new technological advancements are also defining intelligence in whole new ways. The robots have brought a world where the possibilities are limitless. Additionally, smart robots have also made a shift of paradigm in terms of the ownership, competition and market sphere.

Top 5 Smart Robots Companies Across The World

The developments in the field of robotics come from 5 top companies in the world. The list of companies are:

Epson Smart Robots

By the looks of it, Epson Robots is regarded as the undisputed king of the industrial robotics and smart robots market. The company comes with cutting-edge automation solutions as well as products. One of the most notable contributions of Epsom was the RC520, the first PC-based controller. Furthermore, RC520 also brought the first generation of Active X controls. Epson’s SCARA robots are the second best robots in the world, in terms of performance.

Alphabet Inc

Google came into the robotics market by becoming a Kickstarter of the first driverless car projects back in 2009. Google began the venture of curating driverless car under the name Wayamo. Moreover, Alphabet Inc. is the parent company of Wayamo. According to the sources, the first test drive took place back in 2017. 

As of now, Google has successfully created its custom-made driverless car. By the looks of it, Google owns and operates Shaft, Boston Dynamics as well as Nest to its robust robotics portfolio.

Autonomous Solutions

The company regards itself as a world leader in terms of vehicle automation systems. As a smart robot/robotics company, the company has garnered numerous clients over the years. Some of the notable clients of Autonomous Solutions are Ford Australia, government agencies such as LAPD, and Luke Air Force Base. 

Moreover, the company has so far put its effort in 75 types of vehicles ranging in 9 distinctive industries. When it comes to Ground Vehicle Automation, the company is a brilliant leader in this technological advancement.

Top 5 Smart Robots Companies Across The World

DJI – Smart Robots

In the last ten years, DJI has become a leader in terms of droid camera technology. DJI is a world leader in producing a camera stabilisation system which governs both motion and placement of the camera. The headquarter of DJI is in the Silicon Valley of China, Shenzhen.

DJI provides top-notch professional photographic experience. On the other hand, it also focuses on drones and manufactures crewless vehicles.


The company designs and manufactures a cutting-edge robotic system for a specific group of industry, supply chain, and logistics. GreyOrange also indulges in carrying out wireless automation along with fulfilment centres in the country.

GreyOrange came into being in the year 2011. The company is located in Singapore. However, it expands to Japan, India, Hong Kong, UAE, and Germany.

The development in the robotics industry will drive the world towards a high-tech future. Smart Robots will revolutionise the way people and industry around the world work, and this would happen very soon in the coming days.

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