Top 3 Miso Robotics News in 2020

Miso Robotics News

Miso Robotics is an artificial intelligence or AI-driven company that manufactures and develops robots to help the chefs in the restaurants in making food. The robots assist the chef with the prep work, frying, grilling, and presenting it gorgeously in the commercial kitchens. A burger grilling robot called Flippy takes the burger patties that are unwrapped and places them on the hot grill and then keeps track of temperature and time. It will alert the human chefs on time who will add the toppings like tomatoes and cheese and any other element that will make delectable burgers. The company was established in 2016 in Pasadena, California.

Partnering with PathSpot

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On 19th May 2020, the intelligent automation startup announced in a press release that they were partnering with PathSpot Intelligence Inc, to better progress the healthy and sterile environment in the kitchen.

It will guarantee the standard safety of the kitchen that it needs and looks forward to the recovery of the industry as Covid-19 has damaged tremendously like any other sector,

The restaurants are reopening in a wide range, so the hand scanning device of PathSpot along with Flippy will restore the confidence of the consumer and the employees and further reignite the business of delivery and takeout.

The strategic partnership between the two companies will attract restaurants and meet the high demand for sanitization and safety.

Selection of Miso Robotics by White Castle

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In the press release of Miso Robotics on 14th July 2020, the nation’s first fast-food chain of hamburger- White Castle had announced that they are selecting Flippy in their kitchen to minimize human contact with food.

White Castle planned the pilot with the company for accelerating the process of adopting robotics and artificial intelligence in the culinary industry.

The fast-food chain will bring ROAR or Robot on a Rail and Flippy as per their deployment into the kitchens to test and integrate it in the future.

The delivery of the autonomous will add another layer to the safety and health in the process of cooking. It will also enhance the speed of production and improve the allocation of workers.

The selection of Miso Robotics by the always committed to the customers’ restaurant, White Castle made them the pioneer in the chain for modernizing the process to get even fresher, faster, and delicious meals every time

Miso Robotics names the New CEO

On 13th August 2020, Miso Robotics proudly announced their new CEO Mike Bell. In recent months, Miso Robotics has found success as a pioneer in the robot industry but the demand for their equipment has risen quickly too. The organization has realized to meet that demand they would have to scale their operational chain quickly.

Thus came Mike Bell who is an operational expert with many year’s experience in the chain startup design, the delivery market, and software integration. He is expected to drive growth along with his partner, investor, and co-founder Buck Jordan and to assemble a highly -productive team and build on the company’s go-to market early success.


In the article, we have enlisted the top three game-changing news in both the restaurant industry and robotics industry. With the destruction by COVID-19, it is a time to be hopeful to notice the advancement made by Miso Robotics.

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