Top 3 Latest Industrial Robotics News in 2020

industrial robotics news

It was only a few decades ago, robots were the things of fantasy and science fiction. However, they are as real as the Sun today. As time moves on, so does industrial robotics. It is becoming more able to carry out advanced assignments, more capable, and smarter to assist humanity. Many companies are embracing new industrial robotics to manufacture their plants as the future’s looking brighter.

As it is evolving and serving the necessities of the developing manufacturing industry, we are receiving new things to learn about every day. Therefore, here, we have gathered the top three latest news on the everchanging industrial robotics.

Actuators Outshine and Replace LVDTs

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SMAC Moving Coil Actuators introduce a new series of actuators that produce gaging resolutions with precise, fast, and consistent control of the process.

It is easy to install the electric gage actuators and get rid of the challenges that are associated with traditional pneumatic solutions.

The new actuators decrease the cost and time of the maintenance.

The design is an extended version of the SMAC technology and added to the encoders of SMAC’s own.

Though for more than fifty years, LVDTs had served diverse industries, there was little progress other than IP protection, miniaturization in the meantime.

The new gage actuators are MLA which is created with precise, programmable measurement.

MLA achieves its goals by decreasing the gage R&R or reproducibility and repeatability as it improves the process and continuously measures the replications.

Empowerment of Amputees by Affordable Prosthetics

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Easton LaChappelle was only in his teens when he began to work on building his first prosthetic hand. After six years, he became an innovator at Unlimited Tomorrow, who developed a refined product instead of prototypes.

Easton aims to manufacture prosthetics in such a way that it reduces the expense dramatically. His design depends on the perfect DC gears or motors.

While the price of prosthetics for adults and children is between thirty thousand dollars and One hundred million, Unlimited Tomorrow wants to launch their advanced prosthetics at somewhere around ten thousand dollars.

The prosthetic arm and hand have been built from a 3D Printing process called MultiJet Fusion or MFJ. The process is capable of matching any skin tone and any physical differences like birthmarks or freckles.

ABB Robots Acquire New Programming Software

The easy tool of programming of ABB now extends to the range of industrial robotics which makes it simpler to install, program, and control robots without any specific training.

They have launched the new Wizard Easy Programming to handle their industrial robot IRB 1100 easily.

The first-timers can use these robots without any knowledge of programming or RAPID code.

The non-specialist can easily use these robots due to the simple graphical box as it represents actions like picking up an object, repeating movements, and so on.

The robot also has extra features like error handling. If a non-user makes an error such as a collision, the robot can fix it.


Over the next nine years, it is expected that industrial robotics will grow by 175% which means more invention and competition. We have to keep up with that by being competent enough to know the latest happenings. We can always start with this article for now.

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