Some General Information About Robotics Engineering And Programming

Kengoro, The Most Advanced Humanoid Robot Yet

I had several friends who studied Robotics engineering, and they loved it. I got to join in on a couple of projects while helping some friends out, and it generally involved teams of students working on the robot’s software, mechanical design, and electronic makeup of the system. Frequently, the teams would consist of people more specialized in one area than another, but you generally need to have a good understanding of all those backgrounds (Computer Science/Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and also Electrical Engineering).

. You, as the robotics engineer, would have been involved in the design, fabrication, and build process of the physical robot as well as programming various controls and algorithms for it to follow via the electrical circuits and controllers/processors you implemented.

Moreover, It’s a new field to get involved in as the world heads more and more towards using autonomous systems and other robotics-based technology. I’d recommend looking into a school’s program to get a more accurate idea of what it entails, such as the link above. Otherwise, hopefully, an actual robotics engineer will give you a more detailed response.

Some General Information About Robotics Engineering And Programming
Some General Information About Robotics Engineering And Programming

Robotics Engineering vs. Programming

Robotics generally consists of Mechanical System, Electrical hardware /Embedded Systems.

 The role of the programmer also comes in the embedded system. However, Here you have to understand the physical entities, process them, and help the robot make the appropriate decision.

 For programming, these are also the domains where you can concentrate:

 1.Microprocessor/Microcontroller: You should be familiar with the register coding. Although this is hard work, it increases efficiency.

 2.Robotic Vision: Here, also you need to know the principles of Image processing.OpenCV,MATLAB,etc can be used.

 3.Artificial Intelligence: According to my, this is the most interesting part. Though challenging when you see your robot learns from the surroundings and changes its behavior, .it is beyond the feeling of happiness. Here you will need to know the Machine Learning Fundamentals.

 4. Also, you can create various software that controls the robot.OR the software which can help others to code easily(example:-Arduino).

 Additionally, having some knowledge of how mechanical systems work(like contraptions) and working knowledge of electronics(digital electronics) will help you a lot while programming and also make jobs somewhat more comfortable.

Some General Information About Robotics Engineering And Programming
Some General Information About Robotics Engineering And Programming

Can Only Computer Science Students Learn Robotics?

Robotics is not for computer science majors. They go one step further out than robotics and go into computer operations, such as artificial intelligence and neural networking. Robotics is also learning and exploring how we can make our world more automatic – making machines that can act on their own to do simple and complex tasks.

Computer science students will run into this, but it’s more the field of a roboticist.

In a more general context, robotics is not for anyone’s specialty. Still, it can be also a specialty of any one field: robotics can be useful in all areas – medicine, art, science. Robotics is not for one thing. We can, however, make robotics fit into many things.

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