Schools with Robotic Engineering Courses

Schools With Robotics Engineering

Meta Description: Do you want to take up robotics for further studies? Here is a list of schools with robotic engineering courses.

Robots are automated machines created by humans that can function as per the commands and programs fed into them. Humans have created many different kinds of robots today and some are even successfully carrying out surgery operations. Robots are used today for assortment of settings, assembling processes and also for working in complex conditions. There is a lot of scope in this field of robotic engineering. With the upsurge in technological developments, today, humans are trying to create robots that can think and function just like humans. There are many schools and colleges offering courses for robotic engineering. Here is a list of the top 10 schools with robotic engineering courses.

Schools with Top 4 Robotic Engineering Courses

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University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia

This university offers a course in Master of Science in Engineering in Robotics from the Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics Department. It is administered by the Grasp laboratory, which is acknowledged as one of the premier research centers in the world. This course is multi-disciplinary and helps to lay a foundation in this field. The student gets a massive exposure in artificial intelligence, control systems, dynamics, computer vision, machine learning to design, programming and prototyping of robots.

Worcester Polytechnic institute of Massachusetts

This institute offers a course in Master of Science in Robotics Engineering from the Robotics Engineering Department. This course is a one-of-its-kind program that offers plenty of scope for serious research. It encourages imagination and creative work with robots. It is located in the heart of New England’s robotics industry and the students get to work on different innovative robotic projects in their state-of-the-art labs.

Carnegie Mellon University

This University offers a Master of Science in Robotics Systems Development course from the Robotics Institute. The curriculum offers a detailed education in various robotic technologies and science. Students get plenty of information and practical knowledge through hands-on laboratory projects. It also exposes students to practical business skills. The curriculum allows students to work in a practical way.

University of Sussex

This University offers a Mechanical Engineering with Robotics MEng from the Engineering and Robotics department. The course offers a range of options and educational requirements to become a Chartered Engineer. You also get the opportunity to learn specific skills in robotics alongside mechanical engineering. This makes you employable at a bigger scale and also gives you an idea into robot designing and automobile designing. It offers a world-class research in robotics, dynamics, space systems, control, sensors and other flexible electronics.

University of South Denmark

This University offers a MSc course in Engineering in Robot systems. It is about advanced robotics technology, drones and Autonomous systems. The student becomes an MSc in engineering and learns about drone and robot systems in this course. A student from this university learns how to control drones over buildings and other such zones.

These are some of the leading top universities and schools with robotic engineering courses in the world.

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