Robotics Engineering Internship – Interesting Facts And Information You Must Know

Robotics Engineering Internship

Get updates on the latest DELFIA Robotics Engineering Internships, May-September jobs at Auburn Hills, Michigan. Learn about the internships that didn’t make it to print.



DELFIA is an acronym for Defense, Energy, and Environmental Foundation, and it is a nonprofit organization that focuses on robotic technologies and defense systems for homeland security. It was formed in 1998 with a mission to build and sustain a military-industrial synergy to advance defense systems research and development. The mission statement is quite interesting: “DELFIA will enhance defense capabilities and improve the quality of life of all Americans through its programs.”

DELFIA is a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing robotic technologies and defense systems for homeland security. It was founded by Robert Jastremski and Michael Kitzmiller.

Description of Robotics Engineering Internships


DELFIA Robotics Engineering internships are available all around the US. These internships range in length from a few days to a few weeks. There is usually a fee associated with these internships, but there is no fee for any kind of government grant or scholarship. Some schools also have fees associated with them.

What can one expect from a Robotics Engineering internship? They include hands-on work experience, technical writing, classroom instruction, and networking with industry professionals within the field.

DELFIA Robotics Engineering Incentive Package

DELFIA’s Robotics Technology Incentive Package includes a small payment, up to $500, for the right to attend an internship. They also provide a variety of benefits and incentives, including free housing and meals during an internship, free transportation, and access to job fairs, career fairs, and events for students.

Robotics Engineering Incentive Package Benefits

If you do not receive a DELFIA Robotics Engineering Incentive Package, there are other available incentives from the government. DELFIA is a good place to start looking for programs and information about internships and engineering careers in Robotics Engineering.

Robotic Technologies and Manufacturing Processes

DELFIA is a great resource for information about Robotic Technologies and Manufacturing Processes, including a description of industrial process automation, robotics engineering, and manufacturing techniques. It is possible to get additional details on this topic at the official website of the Department of Defense.

Engineering Internship Benefits

There are plenty of jobs that a robotics engineering internship can open up. However, this is not the only opportunity for jobs in the field. There are also opportunities in areas such as software, human resource management, operations research, computer programming, supply chain management, and supply chain automation, biomedical and manufacturing, electronics, and software engineering.

Robotics Engineering Benefits

The Department of Defense and other federal agencies offer many programs designed to aid those who seek jobs in this field. An engineering internship opens up many doors for those who would like to advance in their careers.

These are just some of the basic facts and details about a robotics engineering internship. It’s important to check with your schools’ for all the details.

Although most interns get very little in the way of training to help them get to the next level of their careers, many of these internships allow their employers to train their interns on a part-time basis or in their stead while they are in school.

Most Engineering Internships are short-term and there may be a need to wait for some time before the student is granted a permanent position. These positions can also be given to students returning for a specific period.

Job Placement After Robotics Engineering Internships isn’t usually permanent. Most positions will require a student to repeat a semester or two until they find a permanent job. Some universities require students to return to their programs to complete their internship or to be eligible for a full-time position after their first job.


For all of the great benefits of a robotics engineering internship, it’s important to remember that there are some downsides as well. The pay is sometimes a factor since most interns make less than minimum wage or less.

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