Robotics And AI: Understanding The Difference

Almost everyone thinks that what is robotics and how it is different from artificial intelligence? Are both interconnected? If you have the same questions in your mind, then you have arrived at the perfect place.

In detail, both robotics and artificial intelligence are two different fields. But it can be said that AI is used in creating smarter robots. However, a detailed study on what is robotics and AI can help you in clearing your doubts.

Let’s Know What Is Robotics?

What Is Robotics? Is It Different From AI?

It can be said that it is an integral part of the technology that covers robots. Robots are the machines, programmed to carry out a different type of tasks using their brain. In detail, they can work autonomously or semi-autonomously. If you look carefully, you will find three major factors which define robots. These are:

  1. Robots can interact with humans or the physical world using their sensors.
  2. They are entirely programmable machines.
  3. Besides all these, they are autonomous and can be semi-autonomous.

So, the information may answer your question of what is robotics. However, there are no such particular facts which can define the real meaning of robots. For some people, the robots must have thinking ability. But to make this possible, scientists need to add artificial intelligence technology into them. However, scientists have developed some AI robots.

Understanding What Is AI Robotics

Talking about AI robots or artificially intelligent robots, they are the combination of Artificial Intelligence and robotics. In detail, different AI programs control such robots. However, not all robots have this technology. But some recently made robots have this. Most of the industrial robots are programmed to handle the different task and repetitive movements. However, you don’t need AI for repeated actions. But when it comes to handling complex task, a robot may require AI.

The Robot With Artificial Intelligence

There is a robot called Cobot, which supports AI. Besides, you can easily enhance its capabilities through artificial intelligence technology. For example, you want to integrate a camera to the robot. This is called a robotic vision, and it comes under perception. But this only can be done using AI algorithms.

What Is Robotics? Is It Different From AI?

You want the robot to pick the object by detecting it and place it on another object based on its size. This involves a vision program which helps the robot to identify different objects. However, for this program, you will have to use Template Matching AI technology.

Some Of The Best AI Robots

Sophia- The Humanoid Robot

This is a fantastic social-learning humanoid robot. It can talk to human using natural languages. Besides, it can easily understand the different emotions of humans. Sophia can also develop different facial expressions.

Home Robots Roomba

This home robot uses AI to scan the size of the room and can detect obstacles. The robot remembers the best routs to clean the room.

So, this information can help you in understanding what is robotics, about AI effects, and modern robots indeed need AI to function correctly.

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