Robot Toys: Our Top Picks For Toy Robots

Are you in search of some best robot toys for your kids? The toys are getting popular among children as well as the parent. They help your kids to learn different new things. Besides, they keep them entertained. Well, the market is full of a lot of such toys and choosing the best one can be a difficult task. However, here, you can find a list of such toys. So, let’s have a look into the list.

Different Types Of Robot Toys For Your Kids

Taksta Robotic Puppy

This is a quite favourite robotic dog toy. The reason is the toy is quite interesting. In detail, the puppy can perform a backflip and comes with expressive eyes. Besides, he can follow your hand gestures and commands.

Robot Toys- Some Best Toys That You Can Buy

Furthermore, when your room is dark, the dog will curl up beside you and will guard you. It comes with around 20 to 25 different facial expression, and you can control the robot using your smartphone. So, it can be said that it is one of the best robot toys that you can buy.

MiP Robot Toy From WowWee

This little buddy is just amazing. Such a robot is termed as a perfect companion of children who love robots. The robot is quite responsive and comes equipped with a unique personality. Talking more about it, it has two wheels and can easily move around everywhere. Besides, you can train the robot to follow particular objects, and this guy can follow your hand gestures. Moreover, it is programmed to do a different task. The best thing about this is the toy is affordable.  


When it comes to some best robot toys, you can’t ignore this cute little robot. It has two arms and comes with a wheeled base. There is a place on the robot where you can place your smartphone, which will act as his head. Besides, you can easily program the robot to perform a lot of tasks.  Moreover, you can teach him different new things. When you put the robot in roam mode, it can sense the surrounding environment and will move around in your house.

Sphero Robot Toys Ball

Robot Toys- Some Best Toys That You Can Buy

Are you looking for an excellent robot ball? Then Sphero is there for you. This fantastic robot toy ball can be controlled using a smartphone. In detail, it looks a billiard ball, and you can control its speed. Furthermore, it has around 20 games. Moreover, it can easily roll through the water.

Robosapien Humanoid Toy Robot

Using its remote control, you can make the robot turn, talk, swing its fist, and walk. In detail, the robot is 14” tall and quite flexible. Comes with a robust body, he can perform different Kungfu arts and can pick up different things. By default, it has around 66 programs, and you can teach them some more.

This list of best robot toys will help you in finding the best robot for your children, and all of them are available online, and you can buy them now.

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