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Robot Power Is A Force To Be Reckoned : Mass Mechanization:

Robots Power

The scientific community is of the firm belief that within the next fifty years, robots will be a formidable power in our society. While it is true that they are created by humans, robot power have the potential to overthrow or completely wipe out human beings from the face of the earth.



Robots, once fully developed, will always be able to exercise great power and therefore shall pose a formidable threat to human beings. Produce a number of robots in no time. What makes this even worse is the fact that compared to robots, humans are puny and fragile whereas robot power is capable of running for years without any potential problem. Hence, if they are not controlled once they have been popularized, robot power can pose serious threats to the future of mankind.


Easy Reproduction- Robot Power

Once the technique has been mastered, it is very easy to produce robots and is not as long a process as conceiving and giving birth to a child. . To add to this, robot power constantly learn from humans so it is only a matter of time before they master the tricks of the trade and start producing robots by themselves!


Lesser Resources

When compared to humans, robots need very few resources to function at their full potential. This is the reason why their ecological footprint is way lesser than that of humans. This can help them to be much more productive.


No Sickness

Human beings are prone to various germs and bacteria in the air. This makes them easily susceptible to a variety of diseases. However, this is not the case for robot power. They do not succumb to any kind of biological ailment. Fix the technical problems in a short notice.

No Daily Needs- Robot Power

Robots have no day to day requirements for survival. They don’t need to eat or sleep or have a bath. They do any of the things that human beings have to do regularly. This gives them extra time at hand and makes them productive. They are available twenty-four hours a day since they do not need to take any breaks.


Robot Power And Intelligence Levels

Artificial Intelligence constantly learns from its surroundings. They can, therefore, adapt to situations faster than humans thereby ensuring their survival. Robot power learns quickly and can apply that knowledge wherever and whenever required. Unlike humans, they are not troubled by learning disabilities or other impairments that may cause hindrance in their learning process. Furthermore, with regular upgrades, robot power may develop a system of intelligence that is far more advanced than humans.



There are many benefits of robot power. They can be equally helpful in domestic as well as global scenarios. As of now, they are primarily used in workplaces to increase efficiency. The rate of production will rise very soon into our homes and become an irreplaceable family member. They may not only serve as companions but also be an effective household help. They are used especially in families where a majority of the members have full-time jobs.



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