Recommended Courses for Masters in Robotics Engineering

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Robotics is defined as the field of computer science and engineering that deals with the design, construction, operation, and application of robots. Robots are automated machines that can assist humans in a variety of settings, from manufacturing processes, to working in critical conditions, unsuitable for human life. Robotics specialists aim to achieve diverse tasks by designing mechanical devices, able to complete them intelligently. Robotics is related to other science sub-fields such as computer science, character animation, machine design, cognitive science, bio-mechanics. Main sub-divisions of robotics include: android science, artificial intelligence, nano-robotics, robot surgery.

Studying robotics, students will acquire information related to computer graphics, gadgetry, mobile robot programming, robotic motion methods, mathematical algorithms, social implications of technology, and more. Apart from learning specific scientific methods, graduates will gain skills that involve mathematical thinking but also artistic vision. Robotics will prepare specialists in competencies such as technology design, programming, repairing and installing equipment for machines, etc.

Intelligent Systems

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The Intelligent Systems program at Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University (SPbPU) will get pertinent knowledge and experience required for future successful career in this field of expertise.

Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Visual Computing

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This Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Visual Computing at École Polytechnique is a two-year program, entirely taught in English and designed for highly qualified and internationally oriented students. It provides you with an in-depth understanding of the most recent techniques in artificial intelligence and teaches you to implement them efficiently.

Robotics Software Engineer

Build hands-on projects to acquire core robotics software engineering skills: ROS, Gazebo, Localization, Mapping, SLAM, Navigation, and Path Planning at the Robotics Software Engineer course from Udacity.

Artificial Intelligence

Designed and delivered by computer scientists, this cutting-edge online Artificial Intelligence Masters at University of Leeds is designed specifically for professionals who recognise the importance of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to their sector.

Robotics and Autonomy

The Robotics and Autonomy program from Drexel University educates professionals who are prepared to lead and conduct research, development, and design in robotic systems and technologies.

Robotics and Transport

The Robotics and Transport programme offered by the Centrale Lille is designed to train international students interested in developing their professional knowledge and skills in engineering sciences, and more specifically in the areas of autonomous robotics and intelligent transportation systems (automobile, aeronautics).

Intelligent Systems

The Intelligent Systems program at Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University (SPbPU) will get pertinent knowledge and experience required for future successful career in this field of expertise.

Signals, Systems and Control

The MSc course in Signals, Systems and Control at the University of Malta provides the necessary academic, practical and professional knowledge for students to learn and achieve high-tech competencies and advanced technological skills in the interlinked areas of signal processing, dynamic systems and automatic control systems. 

Engineering and Sustainable Technology Management 

Become an industry 4.0 expert! In the Master’s in Engineering and Sustainable Technology Management – Industry 4.0 – Automation, Robotics and 3D Manufacturing from SRH Berlin University of Applied Sciences, you learn how to foster innovation and new technologies. You not only get to expand your technical and management knowledge but also your soft and leadership skills.

You can enroll in any of these above-mentioned master degree courses in robotics engineering.

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