Mini Revolution: The Arrival Of The Microbots

What Are Microbots?

As the name suggests, a microbots is nothing but a tiny, minuscule robot. Its dimensions  are usually less than 1 mm. They are generally mobile robots. They are able to handle micro size elements.

Mini Revolution: The Coming Of The Microbots

Mini Revolution: The Coming Of The Microbots

These are very popular in the market.  The scientific community recognized its increasing popularity. In particular, it can greatly affect two areas of human lives – healthcare and warfare. Despite being poles apart, these two fields benefit a lot from the microbots.


Despite their small, seemingly harmless size, microbots can later be used as an instrument of mass destruction. They can take millions of lives if not annihilate mankind. Not only can they be used to launch attacks on individuals in the enemy, but can also be used to destroy the opposition’s weapons. They can also develop manufacturing techniques.

Due to their small size, they can also be used to hack into computer systems and thereby one may gain access to classified information which can prove to be very valuable in a war. Furthermore, they can cause biological disruptions in the enemy’s body system thereby effectively incapacitating them. These features make a microbots a dangerous weapon, which is given to the wrong kind of person can cause worldwide destruction and chaos.


Another more useful application for microbots is in medicine where it can aid in each of the crucial steps right from diagnosis to administering medication. What is name of this branch of science? It is robotics

A lot of a doctor’s diagnosis involves some amount of guesswork because it is not possible to enter the body and figure out what exactly is wrong. However, this may soon change, as microbots shall be able to enter the body system thereby allowing the doctor to see what exactly is wrong.

Their emission enables to remove stones from the body. Therefore, use them for medical purpose wisely. Some can even take blood and tissue samples from inside the body thereby eliminating the use of a syringe to draw blood and other similar tests.

Concluding Remarks About Microbots

Perhaps the most important reason for using microbots in the future is the delivery of medicines. This does not just include door to door delivery but also the administration of medicines directly into the cells or the organ causing the ailment. They help to directly deliver medicines inside the body. In this way you can reduce the medicine dosage. Why? Because the medicine directly enters the body.

Mini Revolution: The Coming Of The Microbots

Mini Revolution: The Coming Of The Microbots

For those of you who have seen Big Hero 6, you know what microbots are. On screen they appear as tiny black robots. Together they form variety of structures. At a basic level, this indeed is what the microbot is about. Want to perform actions with accuracy? With the help of these 1 mm robots this task can be achieved. . It has been considered as the next big technological revolution after the development of Artificial intelligence and full human-sized robots. Consider using such microbots in your houses and various industry sectors. You will surely not regret it!

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