Microbots: What They Are And What Their Uses

It is a fact that whenever you think about robots, you will get a picture of large-sized robots performing different complicated tasks. However, time and robotics technologies have changed. With this scientist have developed a lot of small robots which you may not see with your naked eye. They are the Microbot.

Like other robots, they are used in a different task, and they perform quite well. So, let’s have a look into some of these tinny robots.

Some Of The Powerful Microbot Developed By Scientists

HAMR- Harvard’s Ambulatory Microrobot

In detail, this is a robotic cockroach, and its size is around 1.8 inches. It looks like a cockroach. Furthermore, its weight is less than one ounce. It can carry small things and jump.

Microbot- Let’s Know About Some Powerful Microbots

Moreover, Microbot is quite fast. In fact, in one second it can easily cover around 20 inches. This robot has given some essential ideas to scientists to come up with advanced robots. You can consider the example of HAMR -F. In detail, this is the upgraded version of HAMR. It doesn’t have any wire. However, the robot weighs around 3 grams and a little slower than the previous model. The Microbot comes with footpads which let it swim on water.


These are the great robotic bees. However, technology has dramatically improved with time. In detail, these robot bees can swim and fly. It was first tested in 2013.  In the year 2015, scientists gave it the ability to swim.

Furthermore, in 2016, scientists made it perch. This Microbot weighs around 80-milligram. In water, it can attain around 300 Hertz wing flap speed, and while in the air the speed can be approximately 13 Hertz.


This tinny robot is developed by the scientist of the Femto-ST Institute, France. In detail, this is a tiny micro-robotic system. The system can create the smallest house inside a vacuum chamber. The house can be around .015 in height and .020 in width. If compared, the diameter of the sand is approximately .06 to 2 mm.

Salto- The Tinny Jumping Microbot

Microbot- Let’s Know About Some Powerful Microbots

SALTO- Scientists from the University of California create saltatorial Locomotion on Terrain Obstacles. In detail, this a one-legged robot with actually moves through jumping. It is around 10.2 inches in height, and the weight is about 90 to 100 grams. Besides, it can easily jump around 1 meter. However, it not only does just a single jump, but it can also jump for several times, avoiding obstacles.

Furthermore, it can also bounce off the walls. The design of the Microbot was inspired by the galago, popularly known as bush babies and nagapies, which is known to very few people. They are tiny in size, but they are excellent jumpers. The robot can move over the rubbles and can deliver emergency services.

The modern technologies have helped scientists to develop more such amazing microrobots. There is no doubt that in the future, you will get to see them. They will be here to help humankind and to make life better.

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