Materials For Robots: How To Make Them

Materials For Robots: How To Make Them

Have you decided to build a robot? Then the next step is to give attention to the construction method. Also, you have to find the materials for robots. Robot building is quite a complicated process. To start from scratch, you can use sheet-metal or plywood.

Some ready-made materials are also available out there. If you want to keep it inexpensive, you can use hardware items, toys, or domestic wares creatively. It will make your procedure quicker and cheaper too.

Materials For Robots: How To Make Them
Materials For Robots: How To Make Them

To start with, plastic or wood can be useful to use as the raw material of the robot body. Square, oval, and round are the standard shapes.

Choosing The Raw Materials For Robots Construction

Choosing the right material does not always mean to consider the price. It means to determine one that will suit your job and will suffice your purpose. Also, find the tools you already have. It is not a wise decision to select economical raw material. But to use that, you have to purchase all the tools to work on that. It will instead enhance your budget. So, be careful about the material selection that it should not lengthen the process and lead to frustration.

Plastic: The Preferred Materials For Robots

It is preferred as it can be molded easily to give the desired shape. The typical industrial molding process involves melting the plastic in high pressure in a specially-made form of metal. But this is not suitable for the amateur robot builder. We can buy it in some raw form like the bar, rod, sheet, and then cut it into our required shape. You will get plastic in raw form in home improvement stores, sign makers, or in plastic retailers.  

There are different types of plastic meant for various purposes, and the tools to use on them also vary.


Wood is relatively inexpensive, and you can use ordinary tools to work on them. Don’t choose soft quality wood like pine as they are bulky. Instead, go for the hardwood like ash or birch. Again, keep in mind that you should avoid too dense hardwood like oak.

It is good to have hardwood plywood, which is ideal for model building. A 12”*12” squared ply costs $5-8, which is pretty expensive. 


Aluminum and steel are the most preferable for constructing robots. Aluminum is a softer material and hence more comfortable to work with. It is because you can give any of your desired shapes with less effort. Steel is much stronger compared to aluminum. Due to its inherent strength, the bodies can be made from the metal sheet, rod, or bar.

Flat or box-shaped metal is used as the base and provides support.

A shaped base is the piece of metal that you cut in a particular shape.

Materials For Robots: How To Make Them
Materials For Robots: How To Make Them


The composites used here can be of three forms primarily.

  1. Any material which uses fiberglass and resin
  2. Any laminated material that combines metal, wood, paper, or plastic 
  3. Any material that uses graphite or carbon for more strength
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