Lets You Go Out of the House or in the Office to Print Anywhere Without Any Hassle and a Good Choice

In quite a short time, smartphones have become our quick device to capture memories. Rarely do we print those captured moments with our family and friends. But don’t you think it’s a good thing that those precious moments captured in smartphones should get printed. No, I’m not talking about going and getting it printed, but getting a smart mini portable Bluetooth photo printer. 

Just like the smartphone, this device will make your life easier. With this device, without leaving home, you can easily print and make a photo album of your favorite moments. 

Portable Mini Bluetooth Photo Printer

Unlike mobile printers or desktops, portable mini Bluetooth photo printers are small in size. These devices can easily be stuff in your bags, purses, or even coat pockets. A portable mini photo printer like this requires very little setup. Plus, they are known to print high-quality physical copies. 

So, next time whenever you’re home alone, you can print photos from your favorite trip, get-together, or any function. This mini photo printer gives an old-school kind of vibe which is pretty trendy nowadays. And getting such a cool device at such a low rate is crazy. 

This portable mini printer prints photos on thermal paper and runs on batteries that need to be charged. You will get a USB charging cord along with it as well. However, you have to connect it to the head of your mobile charger. It also connects through Bluetooth that makes it easy for you to get photos taken on your phone. 


  • Brand Name: JEPOD
  • Supports: Network Printing Wireless
  • Type: Dot-matrix
  • Interface Type: Bluetooth
  • Max Paper Size: A1
  • Paper Feed Mode: Manual
  • Print Speed: 40ppm
  • Double-sided Printing: No
  • Application: Personal Work Management
  • Dot Matrix Printer Type: Ticket printers
  • Use: Photo Printer
  • Black Print Speed: 90mm/sec
  • Weight: 1.5kg
  • Max. Resolution: 300dpi
  • Launch Date: 2015
  • Colour Print Speed: NO
  • Consumable Type: Thermal Paper
  • Model Number: P1
  • Printing Width: 58mm thermal receipt printer
  • Interface: Bluetooth thermal printer


  • It can instantly print your pictures anytime and anywhere you want. 
  • It is a small size that can be easily placed and stored in your bags and purses. 
  • It prints high-quality pictures and not the blur ones. Plus, you can connect this photo printing via Bluetooth. 
A pencil and paper


  • You have to buy thermal paper separately, which will be expensive. 


You will love the old-school vibes that this portable mini photo printer has created. And in addition to that, you have a fun activity to do when you’re alone. This will be a great stress buster activity. 

You don’t have to be particular about taking it everywhere with you if you don’t want to. Just click pictures on your phone and connect this photo printer via Bluetooth. And Woah! You get your photo printed in an instant.

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