Learning Basic Robotics Programming For Beginners

Not going to apologize for ignoring the description of the question because that is not the proper path to learn Robotics programming.

According to me, Robotics is an amalgamation of the following three branches – Mechanical, Electronic, and Programming. Here’s how to get in-depth knowledge about all three concerning making a robot

From a mechanical​ aspect: you must be aware of the ways and materials used to fabricate your bot. It is equally important to study various actuators. On top of that, you should be capable of designing it on software like AutoCAD and Solidworks.

From an electronic aspect: you must be aware of board designing and about the working of sensors and filters.

From a programming aspect: you must learn how to code in C. Followed by coding in embedded C (which is just C and the ability to address namespaces and registers). Learn on-chip AVR programming by referring to the datasheet and online videos. 

Learning Basic Robotics Programming For Beginners
Learning Basic Robotics Programming For Beginners

Why Not Arduino In Robotics Programming?

Arduino and the use of Arduino kits is a shortcut. You skip the depth in all the above three branches and end up being just one of those guys who has made a line tracer without knowing the necessary material, about the line sensor or the motor driver, and not a clue about the code underneath those serial functions.

Isn’t in-depth knowledge about all three branches way too tricky and mundane if you lack interest in any of the one or more chapters?

Yes, it is. It is often better to learn one of the fields you love the most and collaborate with people from different areas and share your knowledge at the end of the day.

Remember, Robotics is not a one-person job.

Learning Basic Robotics Programming For Beginners
Learning Basic Robotics Programming For Beginners

The Best Programmable Robot

There are a lot of options you have. It is depending on what you’re looking to do and, more importantly, what you’re planning to learn.

 If you are more of a hardware guy, I’d say get hold of an Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and a bunch of motors, sensors, and other things you might need. I’ve owned and worked with all of them. You can begin with something simple and add features to it as you go along.

 That said, you will have to write your code. As somebody who deals with robotics daily, I’d say learning python and JavaScript goes a long way.

 If you’re looking only to write software or hack existing hardware, get an AR Drone or mind storm.

 The AR Drone 2.0 is amazing for hacking, especially with the AR drone node module.

 I usually adopt a different approach. Here’s what I do, explained in a short example:

 I bought an AR Drone 2.0 and added an Arduino UNO to it. This Arduino implements a PID correctly to stabilize the quadcopter.

 Next, I went a little further by replacing the Arduino with a Motorola phone. This phone not only runs the PID but also gives the quad unlimited range by uplinking via 3G (Thanks to a few Stanford undergrads who first proposed this idea).

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