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Robotics is a field with exciting and new advances every day, but one field that gets a lot of play in recent robotics news is Construction. As technology from the computer age takes off, and the worldwide supply of cheap labor becomes greater, the opportunities to use robotic technology in construction to get more exciting. In fact, in some areas it’s become so popular that there are already companies out there making billions of dollars every year. There are two sides to this coin though, as the increased efficiency of construction also translates into more wastage and pollution. The bad news is that while construction robots are saving a lot of money for construction companies and putting the final touches on huge projects, they’re also wreaking havoc on our environment.

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The most recent robotics news in this field involves the bossa nova robotics robot, or simply the bronze statue. This robot can be controlled remotely from anywhere in the world, and it can walk the length of a football field, with its three legs, while vacuuming the ground behind it. It will also pick up any dropped objects, and it will bring them back to life when it is being operated by its human operator. The statue is a huge success, especially since it was designed to do the work of two people at a time, which explains why it was built in such a gigantic size.

Large construction sites have been using them for years, and the bosses of these sites are starting to realize how valuable it really is. They are able to cut their costs because they don’t have to hire as many employees to man the construction sites. And when the project is done, the boss can walk away knowing that the cleanup and the upkeep of the site were completely automated.

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Large construction projects are just one example of where robotics are used. They are also used in large warehouses, airports, and even hospitals, making life easier for humans. It’s not a matter of whether jobs will be lost in these areas; it is more about how robots can make them easier and less costly.

There are some big changes coming to manufacturing in the near future, and manufacturing is going to change very soon. One of the most significant is the use of 3D computerized manufacturing. Instead of designing the products in an actual factory, robots will be doing most of the work. Workers will only be involved in the design and testing processes. These robots can also work in huge quantities and operate on a full line at the same time.

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In fact, the news media has been covering some exciting developments. A company in Carnegie Mellon University has been developing 3D wireless walkways that allow workers to transfer from one part of a manufacturing line to another. This makes a lot of sense, especially in a manufacturing environment. You can’t just put workers in one area and expect them to get the job done. This new system allows for a transfer of manpower and material easily.

The walkways will be able to connect to vehicles as well, making it much easier to move equipment from place to place. They can be modular, so the new designs can add on to what we have now. Another company, Toshiba, is developing 3D LED display systems that can be rolled out on the manufacturing floor. Workers can look at the display and instantly see if they need anything else, go get it, or take it elsewhere. It makes sense for companies to be able to move seamlessly from one task to the next.


The reality is that there are a lot of exciting robotic activities being done. These advances in technology mean that we are going to be seeing a lot more robotic experts in our lives in the future. With that being the case, it is important to understand the current robotic news out there and what is happening in the world of robotics.

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