Latest Robotics Technology News

Robotics Technology News

Now that the world is having a lot of advancement in science and technology, robotics’ dimension is not far behind. There is a lot of progress in robotics technology, and you should have insight into the latest robotics technology news. All of these will make your life easier, and they will be surprising with their features. Check out the walk through innovation journey!

Dog Training For Robots

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There are various dog training methods that you can implement on robots. Just like a person can train the dogs to sit and stay, now the robots will be able to teach some tricks to themselves as well. Deccan even learns the art of stacking blocks and joining legos, and it is one of the best tricks brought forward by the researchers. They are trying to make robotics as enjoyable as possible to be the next generation’s artificial pets.

Miniature Robots During Backflips-Robotics Technology News

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You can find a microbot that is as small as a human hair, and it can travel by doing backflips through the colons. According to all the researchers at Purdue University, this is a rectangular robot that can travel through the organs and eliminate problems. According to the demonstration, the robot moved smoothly through the entire biological system. The best part is that it is minimal to carry a battery, so it has wireless power control. There is an external magnetic field to control it, and it can penetrate through any medium of the human body.

The Similarity In Brains And Computers

In the world of robotics, there is a spooky similarity in the working mechanism of the brain and the computer. Just like the brain, which can detect 3D shapes, so can the computers. It is the natural intelligence of humans implemented in computers to bring out artificial intelligence. According to Hopkins University, artificial intelligence networks can easily recognize visual objects with a graphical processing unit’s help. The same streaming is fed to the TV or other visual device to check out multilayer graphic details.

Scientist Developing Mini-Brains-Robotics Technology News

according to the Nanyang Technological University, the scientist has an innovative approach, which helped bring mini-brains. It can recognize the signs of pain as well as self-repair. The University of Singapore has done a holistic development to make artificial intelligence better. There is a network of sensors that can generate a lot of information regarding the immediate environment. It is mostly used in the disaster rescue robot, which sensors with the help of a camera and microphone and detects the survivors. It also pulls out the person, and the visionary aspect will guide the arm to the right location. There is a proper touch sensor so that the person does not slip off from the robot’s grip.


Now that you have any idea regarding the latest robotics technology news, you already know how progressive things have become. Try to research more and find out about the other developments in the field of science and technology.

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