Latest Robotics Technology News – What Is Happening In The Industry

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Robotics technology is changing every day. Robots are man-made gadgets designed to listen to commands and function similarly to humans or even animals. This technology is the convergence between science and technology with the help of engineering that contributes to simplifying the needs of humans. Robots perform various functions. It is useful to all fields, starting from medical to agricultural. Technology is changing day by day. Innovative creations are made every day.

Here are some Latest Robotics Technology News

Robot Engages Communication During Quarantine 

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Researchers of the Integrated Systems Engineering Group of the University of Malaga (UMA) have designed a robot that makes Covid patients talk to their family and loved ones. Though this group of dedicated scientists has been working on robotics technology for more than a decade, they have designed new functions to help people during the pandemic. It also helps the hospital staff to work efficiently without hindrance. It is beneficial to even those who are not well adapted to the technology. The steps are fairly simple. A patient books an hour or two of a video call with their friends or relatives using any web interface. The robot boots up and moves to the station to be disinfected, and goes to the quarantined room of the patient. After the video call, the robot once again gets disinfected and goes to its initial resting place. The robot has excellent audiovisual communication capabilities. The European project “DIH-HERO” focuses on using assistant social robots to have video calls. Within a few months, the deployment of these robots will start.

Robots Help In Developing Social Communication Skills For Autistic Children

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A hong kong professor has developed a robot that will help autistic children to develop communication skills. It is an initiative by non-profit organizations and schools. Robot for Autism Behavioral Intervention (RABI) is the name of the robot designed for children aged from 3 to 18 who are facing autism and helps them be more social and deal with problems like bullying and harassment. Since 2015, more than 1200 students have used this AI intelligence. The robots and the children interact with each other verbally, and role-playing scenarios are often played out. There are usually two small robots playing out scenarios in a class so the children can differentiate between acceptable and unacceptable behavior like lashing or other sorts of verbal abuse. After attending these classes, the children then try their social skills in front of a human tutor.

Third Thumb Use Can Manipulate Brain Hand Co-ordination

Using a third robotic thumb can impact how a hand is represented in the brain and finds in a new study by UCL researchers. The third thumb is 3D printed and is worn opposite to the user’s real thumb. It is near the pinky finger. The pressure sensors are attached to the feet. The use of this third thumb by many users concluded that a hand could perform the same functions either with one or two thumbs.


We should always keep ourselves updated with the technology and know about robotics technology to simplify our lives in the future. Robots are the future of humans.

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