Is iRobot Roombas Worth It?

Is iRobot Roombas Worth It?

Nowadays, robot vacuum cleaners are in trend. What makes them this popular is their low price and work efficiency. In this fast pace life, hardly does anyone get time to clean their house, and robot vacuum cleaners are the solution to the problem. These robot vacuum cleaners automatically clean your home while you are working on a substantial project. One best example of the robot vacuum cleaners are iRobot Roombas, and these are one of the best vacuum cleaners you can buy. 

Is iRobot Roombas Worth It?
Is iRobot Roombas Worth It?

Here in this article, discussing the advantages of having a robot vacuum cleaner, some pros, and cons of iRobot Roombas, and whether you should purchase it or not.

Advantages Of Having A Robot Vacuum Cleaner

  1. Schedule your house cleaning. If you have a robot vacuum cleaner at your home, you need not worry about cleaning your house. The robot vacuum is so smart that it can clean your house as scheduled by you.
  2. It can clean under a sofa or spots where a regular vacuum cleaner cannot reach. These vacuum cleaners are so compact that they go below your sofa or bed to clean it. There are some places where your hands cannot reach; a robot vacuum will do your task by cleaning that area with ease.
  3. A robot vacuum cleaner can charge itself. You need not worry about charging it, when it is out of battery, it will charge itself by going to the dock.
Is iRobot Roombas Worth It?
Is iRobot Roombas Worth It?

iRobot Roombas Pros And Cons

iRobot Roombas are a robot vacuum cleaner that you can buy from any offline store or its official website. 


  • They are featured with auto navigating. It scans your remove to avoid obstacles such as walls, stools, slippers, and shoes, while it cleans your house. 
  • They can easily clean hardwood, vinyl, and carpet floors.
  • Cheaper than hiring a maid.
  • Advance scheduling; to clean your house without you to operate it.
  • They can be controlled with Amazon Alexa and Google Home.


  • They are too noisy. Apart from it that it does your work effortlessly, it is too noisy that you cannot just sit near to it. 
  • It cannot clean long and shaggy carpets. If your house has one, then iRobot Roombas won’t be able to do it. You will have to do it on your own.
  • It can fall short of battery. These mini robots can fall short of battery most of the time while cleaning, thus leaving most of the places dirty and unclean. 

You Should Purchase An iRobot Roombas Or Not?

Yes, you can go for an iRobot Roombas because they provide users with features at an affordable price. With these features, you need not worry about cleaning your house, and you can continue with your work. When talking about cons, every machine has some drawbacks. If you purchase any other robot vacuum cleaner, they can have more drawbacks. It is worth buying an iRobot Roombas at such an affordable price and keep your house always clean and tidy.

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