How Robots Are Used In Different Industries

The industrial robots have taken the world by storm. Every robot has its application. Hence knowing the types of robots is often helpful. Robots come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are manufactured according to the needs. When it comes to robots, the standard image that comes to the mind is the picture of a humanoid. A robot that looks like a human being and has all the emotions of a human being. But for most companies, this is not the scenario. They purchase the machines that carry out every day works. These are the real robots that we are talking about. Here is a list of all the types of robots that are available in the market

The Cartesian Types of Robots

Cartesian Robots are the most common type of robot used for industrial applications. They are easy to use and are programmable. The machine works in a linear motion and hence are cubical. The device is easily customizable from a few millimetres to tens of meters. The robot is favourite among manufacturers as it is customizable. Manufactures can define very minute details like the speed, the precision and the number of strokes per minute. In spite of all the advantages, the tool has one major drawback. The complexity of the machine will make the entire process painful. The device is delivered in parts and is them collected as per the requirement. All the characteristics make Cartesian Robots the best in the class.

Cylindrical Types of Robots

Industrial Robot And The Types Of Robots

Cylindrical robots come next to the Cartesian robots. These robots have both the circular and the linear axis and can work in all required fashions. Cylindrical robots require shallow space, and you can place it anywhere according to their needs. The shape of the robot makes it simpler for machine designers who are always in search of the economy of space. Apart from that, the robot can be easily integrated, making them the best in the types of robots.


When it comes to types of robots, SCARA tops the list due to several factors, which is not known to many people in today’s world. They offer the complete solution in all the axis while taking care of the Cartesian and Cylindrical. The structure is similar to the cylindrical robots.

6 – Axis

Six-axis robots are quite popular in the assembly lines and are prevalent in car assembly lines. These robots mimic the human hand and can operate in all angles and in any way you want. They can work on complex operations like picking a thing or keep them in one place. One glaring example of it is maintaining the cups from the table and keeping them on the table.

Industrial Robot And The Types Of Robots


The final part of the types of robots is the Delta robot. The Delta robot is the fastest type of robot but is quite expensive in comparison to all. The unique design of the robot makes t easier for doing jobs like picking up and placing the item. One glaring example is taking the parts from the conveyor belt and placing them on the shelve.

Numerous things can go along with this. Every type of robot has its own merits and demerits. Depending upon the requirement, the robots are put in action whenever necessary.

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