Here Are Some Robot Parts You Should Learn More About

Robotics is a branch that attracts young minds. The working and assembly of robots interest young minds a lot and there is a lot of learning that lies behind assembling and preparing a robot. Students that choose the engineering field have an inclination towards learning robotics and exploring how every single part works and what will happen if we replace any of the necessary parts. In this article, we will explore all the parts that are necessary to assemble a robot and how they are important for its proper functioning.

What is a robot?

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A robot is a machine designed by a man with the basic aim of making any task easier for humans. They are programmed and developed by humans and can be operated with or without human guidance and surveillance. They not only reduce the workload on humans but can also help to perform those tasks that are considered to be dangerous for human beings. 

Parts of a robot – Control system

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The basic and the most important part of any robot is the control system. You cannot imagine the working of a robot without the presence of a control system. The control system of a robot works on the mechanism of feedback. A silicon chip or the CPU functions as the brain of a robot and Sends signals to the robot so that it can act accordingly.

Robot Parts You Should Learn – Sensors

Cameras or light-dependent resistors perform the same task that sense organs in a human body do. Microphone or voice recorders may function as ears. The control system inside a robot’s body interprets these signals and then functions accordingly.

Robot Parts You Should Learn – Actuators

When a robot receives any signal, it must have the medium to convert it into output and perform the suggested task. The bodies of robots are made of metal that is fitted with small motors called actuators. These actuators mimic the muscles in a human body and perform the task that is assigned to the robot. 

Robot Parts You Should Learn – Power supply

For the successful working of a robot, the availability of a source of power supply is a must. As humans consume food to produce energy and perform their day-to-day tasks, in the same manner, robots use these power supplies to complete various tasks.

Robot Parts You Should Learn – End effectors

For the fulfillment of the tasks assigned to a robot, there are end effectors present inside a robot. These may vary in every robot depending on the task that the robot is designed to perform. 


Robots are designed to reduce manual labor and make human work easy. There are a variety of robots available in the market and many others are under manufacturing. With more advancement, various other kinds of robots will also hit the market and result in reducing the burden on manpower. We hope the knowledge about robot parts were of help to you in learning the basics. 

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