Guidelines On Building A Robot Using World News In Robotics For Beginners

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The robotics industry keeps evolving each passing day. Robots are being utilised in virtually all aspects of life. Interest in robotics will only soar and not dwindle. Hence, there’ll be more beginners interested in making robots. Also, there’ll be more projects out there for beginners to get innovative with.

If you therefore work with robots in your industry, or just are interested in knowing how robots work, then you have to know everything about robotics; including how to make one. We therefore discuss the guideline on building a robot using world news in robotics for beginners.

Know The Tools You’ll Need To Build A Robot

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You’ll need a screwdriver. It is advisable to purchase a set which comes in different sizes and shapes to allow you more flexibility working with different screw types. With screwdrivers, you’ll easily turn your screws,and fasteners, or drive them in.

You’ll also make use of a soldering pencil. Most electrical works require the usage of the soldering pencil. After being plugged in, the pencil tip will heat up, and you’ll be able to make use of it to solder and desolder items on circuit boards. Since you’ll be dealing with heat and also electricity, you need to exercise caution while handling the soldering pencil.

You may need the wire stripper. You use the wire stripper to expose the inner lead wiring of a wire while removing the first insulation layer of the wire. Exposing the inner lead makes soldering easier to carry out.

Another item you’ll need is the needle-nose pliers. You make use of these types of pliers to detach extra cable or wire length from the main cable or wire.

Guidelines To Assembling Your Robot

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The first step is for you to get your robotics kit, the Pirate 4WD Robotics Kit is commonly used. You can then assemble your robot motor. You’ll utilise the provided eight screws to keep your motor in place, the washers to reduce friction while fastening the motor, and the gaskets to keep the screw nuts from getting loose or falling off while the robot moves around.

You’ll then solder the cables using the soldering pencil for each of the motors. You’ll assemble the controller and attach its battery. You should then design the power switch. You keep the progress made by connecting the motors with the microcontroller board and lastly, connecting an extra plate to the standoffs. You can then program your robot.


The robotics industry keeps evolving, with robots being used in almost every industry. Therefore, interests in robotics keep piling up. Hence, if you’re interested in robotics, we discuss the guidelines on building a robot using world news in robotics for beginners.

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