Free Robotic Books To Keep You In The Loop - Free Robotic Books To Keep You In The Loop -

Free Robotic Books To Keep You In The Loop

free robotics books

Today, there are lots of free robotics books for students and hobbyists. If you’ve been reading some robotic books before, then you should easily excel in your studies and burgeoning hobby. This is now the right time to begin reading some of today’s most popular books in the area of Robotics and what they can teach you about the exciting world of robotics. As a student or hobbyist, you will find lots of these books online that you can read and learn from.

These Are Just A Few Free Robotic Books

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Robotic: How To Construct, Develop, and Use Robots – Fourth Edition, by Phil Freeman (Robotics Librarium, Inc.). This text was originally published as an eBook. This book covers topics like components, sensors, controls, and how to interface with software. It also covers topics in circuitry design, control systems, and programming strategies. This book has been reviewed by more than 360 experts in the area of robotics. One of its most impressive features is its real-life case study, where the author had the opportunity to work in a large national laboratory.

Nautilus –

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A Novel, by Phil Freeman (Robotics Librarium, Inc.). This text has sold more than a quarter million copies in print. This is the second most popular book on the list of the best selling ebooks and was recently optioned by MGM to be the basis for a feature-length film starring Will Smith. It covers topics such as the importance of human-robot interaction and how the use of Nautilus might benefit humanity in numerous ways. The book has sold more than a quarter million copies in print.

Roboquad –

A Personal View, by Jason Steele (Open Source University, LLC). This book covers concepts and applications related to personal robotic grooming. The book is designed to help students in the fields of electronics, mechanics, and embedded systems. Roboquad was originally designed to be a DIY project. It was later released in book form and became a best-seller. Its sales have since become very strong.


Personal Robots in Action, by Anthony Cipolla (Open Source University, LLC). This book covers both desktop and industrial robots. This is a product that is not available directly from NASA, but is available through the military or other sources. NASA developed Roboquad to help contractors and others in the construction industry to use a low-cost autonomous robotic assistant. This product has sold over thirty-five hundred copies in print.

Ease aboard a Robotic Operational System, by J.D. Harrington (Open Source University, LLC). This book contains instructions on how to set up a Robotic Operational System which operates inside a vehicle. It is important to read this book after reviewing all the other robotics books that are available so that you know what to look for when searching for or downloading a robot system software.

Roboquad, and other robots that have been sold commercially, also provide information on how to maintain the robot as well as handling any repairs that may arise. NASA has released many Roboquad robots that are used in research and space exploration. If NASA would produce a free downloadable version of their Roboquad robotics book, it could reach a lot more people than if they released an expensive, cover-priced text on the same topic.


The next time you are in a robotics shop searching for free robotics books, consider looking for these two books. The first book might be more appropriate for your needs than the second, though. Either way, the availability of free information on Robotic theory and operational procedures makes the research, development and use of robotics far more accessible than it would be without the free books. You might just find that you want to make a robotic pet.

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