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current robotics news

The digitization of practically everything along with the advances in robotics promises a great future for everyone. Over the past decade, advancements in robotics have demonstrated that robotic devices can manipulate, locomote, and interact with people and their environment in very unique ways. With the use of accurate sensors, development of robust algorithms, and high-performance motors, many new applications are possible.

Latest Developments In Robotics

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Design of soft and sensitive robotic fingers –

Scientists at Ritsumeikan University, Japan have designed a 3D printable soft robotic finger that contains a built-in sensor with adjustable stiffness, in order to develop a more human-like robotic gripper. New strategies to enhance a robot’s perception to safely interact or manipulate with fragile objects and living organisms are needed. Currently, building a robotic gripper that is soft, safe and has human-like capabilities is the most important task in robotics.

The scientists’ design involves the use of multi-material 3D printing technology in order to fabricate soft robotic fingers with a built-in proprioception sensor. With the help of a fast-prototyping process, researchers were able to easily integrate the stiffness-tuning and sensing mechanisms into the design of the robotic finger.

Current Robotics News

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Development of Squidbot to probe deep underwater surfaces –

A team of researchers has drawn inspiration from squids to create an underwater robot that is capable of propelling itself forward with the help of expelling jets of water. The robot is named ‘squidbot’ and is free to move on its own by taking in water through strain chamber that inflates and expels that water for faster movement.

The robot can capture images and videos around sensitive and fragile structures such as corals without any interference with its environment. It is made with soft materials to allow such kind of maneuvering.

Development of small robots to work in underground pipe networks –

The maintenance and repair work of underground pipes are dirty, noisy, and cause a lot of inconveniences. Research times are therefore working on a way to reduce the money and time needed to maintain these pipes, by developing small robots. These robots will work in both clean water and sewers and will inspect them for any blockages and leakages, monitor their condition, map out where the pipes are for solving any trouble if it arises. They will come in various sizes depending on the pipes they are in and will operate autonomously.

Human Connection

Robots encourage risk-taking behaviour in humans –

In new research, robots can be seen encouraging humans to take greater risks in a simulated gambling scenario as compared to when they would if there was nothing to influence their behaviors. The study is set out to explore whether robots can affect risk-taking and the possibility of using robots and AI in preventive programs and with hard-to-reach populations.


Developments in robotics are quite tremendous for many years as researchers and scientists are studying to develop robots that can perform high-quality activities in reliable and even the most hazardous and unpleasant environments. Indeed, robots have extraordinary potential to provide a great future.

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