Components Of Robot: What Are The Main 5

Components Of Robot: What Are The Main 5

Robot is build with different components. The five major components of a robot are as follows:

Components Of Robot: What Are The Main 5
Components Of Robot: What Are The Main 5


The manipulator of a robot is just like human arms. It has several links and joints to move in different directions as and when necessary.

The manipulators can be of two categories, such as robot body as well as robot arm. Both have a diverse function. These two parts are used for movement.

Position parts are essential to perform a specific task after moving to the desired location.

The robot wrist is an essential component of the position part used for tool orientation.

End Effector, The Locomotion Components Of A Robot

A fixed base supports the manipulator at one end, and the other end is free. The end effector is attached to this loose end. The hands of the robot are the end effectors. Most of them can be replaced, and each has got a dedicated task. The function of the end effector is the same as the palms and fingers of a human being.

It performs the tasks that an ordinary palm or fingers of a human arm do.

The Locomotion Device

The muscles in the human body provide the power for the movement of palms and fingers. It gives the power to the arm too for the movements required. But in the case of a robot, the motor supplies the power it needs. These are called actuators also. These robot’ muscles’ converts the stored energy into kinetic energy.

The air muscles follow a simple technology, yet they are beneficial for providing pulling force. It works similarly to the biological muscle of the human body.

These motors, depending on the type of energy source, can be divided into three categories, hydraulic, pneumatic, and electric.

Stepped motors are preferred as they don’t spin freely. Instead, they rotate in discrete steps, unlike DC motors. It is easier for the controller to command for a specific task.

Controller, The Components Of Robot Acts Like The Human Brain

The computer is the controller of the robot. It manipulates both the hardware and software component of it. Analogically, this is comparable to the human brain. It manages all the assigned tasks to the robot. And it handles the movement of the manipulator and the end effector too. On the whole, this is the primary governing system of all the aspects of the robot.

Components Of Robot: What Are The Main 5
Components Of Robot: What Are The Main 5

Sensor, The Most Vital Component

Depending on the data supplied by the sensors, the controller takes the best possible decision and instructs the other parts to act accordingly. Without the data, the controller will not be capable of using its intelligence, and the robot cannot do the meaningful task apt in any particular situation. The sensors collect the data from the outer world and send it to the controller. These are the combination of different measuring instruments that measure temperature, force, position, velocity, etc.

The sensor interacts with the outer environment. It collects data from the physical world and provides it to the digital world (computer system).

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