Careers In Robotics – What Are The Chances For You

careers in robotics

Some careers in robotics may also be open to the general public, although most positions in the military will require a degree and specific training. In fact, some careers in robotics actually require only a high school diploma or its equivalent.

But even after having your education and training, you may still be interested in careers in robotics. It’s important to consider how automation can help society. Consider for a moment all the tasks that could be automated to make our lives more convenient. Car pillows, seatbelts, TV controls and other habits we have grown accustomed to are all going to be eliminated thanks to automation. This leads to an increased level of happiness for many people, as they are no longer bored, because they won’t have to do things like ride the bus to work or take the stairs.

Computer Programming

A laptop computer sitting on top of a desk

There are different types of jobs in robotics, including computer programming, mechanical engineering, and soft skills. The type of job you are interested in will depend on your skill sets. If you have good computer programming skill sets and mechanical engineering skills, you may want to consider a career in electronics or robotic engineering. These skill sets will lead to fulfilling careers in robotics.

Soft careers in robotics will involve working hand in hand with engineers and technicians to create new systems, designs and prosthesis. For example, an electronics engineer may program robotic arm models to perform certain tasks. Other engineers design prosthetic limbs and may work to improve the functionality of the systems that have been built by their fellow engineers and technicians.

Mechanical Engineers

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Mechanical engineers design the software that drives the robots. The average salary for a mechanical engineer is usually very high, because these individuals are specialized and use complex machinery. The software that an engineer uses will be based on previous research and will need to be updated every year as technology in the area changes. Software that is not updated can malfunction and cause a loss of production for a company, so keeping up with the latest technology is extremely important. Some of the types of robots used by mechanics include:

The typical salary for aspiring roboticists will be lower than those in the computer science or aerospace field. However, the salary range will vary from one company to another. Average salaries for computer science and aerospace engineers will be between twenty and thirty thousand dollars. Average salaries for those in the robotics field will be between twenty and thirty thousand dollars. It all depends on the location and experience level of the individual.

Steve Jobs

Those with the skill sets of good computer science and mechanical engineering may go on to be top leaders in the field of robotics. A great example of an early entrepreneur who was born into this industry is Steve Jobs. Jobs started out at age sixteen working at Atari. He graduated from Reed College in Portland Oregon and began working for Apple in their programming department.

Later he went on to start the company that has become synonymous with the Mac. Even though the average salary for people with experience in robotics and artificial intelligence is higher than those with other fields, the sky is really the limit for how far you can go.

Final Words

With the advancement of technology there are more career opportunities than ever for roboticists and robotic engineers. This is also the time to get educated if you are interested in going into this field. There are many colleges and universities that offer robotic engineering and robotic technology programs. The curriculum does take time but it is a rewarding career. As long as you are willing to put in the time and the effort, you will succeed. Keep an open mind and don’t give up, you will succeed in whatever you choose.

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