Boston Dynamics: Meeting This Veteran Robotics Engineering Company

The world is increasing with robots. These robots can do whatever you want. One such leading company that is leading the baton is the Boston Dynamics. The company makes best in class advance robots, which is available for military grade applications. But that is not it. There are many facts about this leading company that makes it unique. Here are some of the following points.

Boston Dynamics Are Here From A Very Long Time

It was the year 1992 when Marc Raibert founded the company. Marc was previously into robotics at MIT. The company previously focused on building software that mimicked human characteristics and used it for training law enforcement. But it was the extensive research of the founder, Marc Raibert, that helped him to build a career in building robots. It was the birth of  Boston Dynamics.

Five Things You Need To Know About Boston Dynamics

Boston Dynamics Try To Replicate Animals

The best designs are all around us. It is the Mother Nature that has created these designs. Boston Dynamics try to replicate these designs and build robots that mimic animals. From the style of walking to the way they jump, every movement goes through careful analysis before jumping into any decision. Some of the famous animal-like designs of it include BigDog, WildCat and a six-foot-tall humanoid, Atlas. All the designs are inspirations from real-life animals.

Special Importance On Mobility

Boston Dynamics takes the movement of its robots very seriously. They release videos about their latest innovations from time to time. Their robots are vigorously tested and are designed to cover all kind of terrains. It aims to work on robots that can cover all rough landscape possible and help people with events like a natural disaster.

They Have Collaborated With The Military

Five Things You Need To Know About Boston Dynamics

Boston Dynamics are proud partners of all the military organisations of the United States of America. Currently, they want to use BigDog, one of the products of  Boston Dynamic, for military applications. As of now, they plan to use BigDog as the robotic mule, which will help the soldiers on their trips. But there is a growing concern among countries about killer robots. The debate is on, and a lot of discussions revolves in and around it.

Boston Dynamics Was A Part Of Google

It was a great acquisition of Google, which was later sold by Google. The division was under the guidance of Android creator, Andy Rubin. The purchase led people into confusion and many rounds of rumours made into the market. It was clear that the company was planning to get into the robotics domain.

Boston Dynamics is one of the leading companies in the domain and is changing the world of robotics, which is, of course, a great thing in today’s world. With its mind-blowing products, the company is trying to enter into the consumer markets. With its leading innovations and patented products, the company is trying to change the world as we see it.

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