Best Robots In The World 2019

Best Robots In The World 2019

When talking about technological innovation and development, the 21st century is remarkable. This century has brought us the robot kits for beginners as well as therapy assisted by robots. It is tricky to mark the best robots in the world.  But we can divide them into three categories depending on the field of use.

Best Robots In The World 2019
Best Robots In The World 2019

Best Robots In The World – Social Robots

The social robots are of two kinds, depending on their abilities and roles.

Humanoid Social Robots

Asimo – In 2000, Honda created this unique social robot. It can walk, run, and climb the stairs. It can communicate with people. It also identifies moving objects and position.

Pepper – Launched in 2014 in Japan, this is the first robot in the world, which can be aware of the emotions of human beings. It can converse with people, give them orders, and also dance.

Walker – UBTECH has displayed it in CES2019. But it will appear in another 18 months. It is bipedal, sharp, and lively, and its height is 1.45 m.

BOT Retail – Launched by Samsung in CES2019, it comes with display at the front and crucial shelving system backside. Thus, they can interact with people, deliver food, and make payment with the help of NFC technology.

Best Robots In The World – Non-Humanoid Social Robots

Paro – It looks like a baby seal, and it is used in nursing homes as well as hospitals to calm the patients. It gives a response to communication and also petting using its tail and shutting its eye off.

Buddy – Blue Frog Robotics has made this emotional robot for giving company to lonely people in their homes. It can communicate with them and also provides protection. Children can play with robot too.

Miro – It is the first robot in the world to have a biomimetic system that has got inspiration from the brain. So, it behaves like a pet rather than a robot. It is strong and can settle in quickly and communicate.

Zenbo – Asus made this robot to act as a healthcare assistant in your houses. Nonetheless, it is not obtainable in the market yet.

Best Robots In The World 2019
Best Robots In The World 2019

Robots For Industries

When it comes to choosing industrial robots, you have to depend on their hierarchy. These are entirely different than social robots.

Valkyrie Robot – NASA developed this highly advanced robot in collaboration with the University of Edinburgh. These can work in an atmosphere which is dangerous for astronauts to work.

Atlas – Boston Dynamics has created this modern humanoid robot with all the latest features. It is movable and can work efficiently. The hardware of this robot has used the benefits of 3D printing. 

Spot Mini – Developed by Boston Dynamics, Spot Mini is obtainable for commercial use. It can work to provide security, in manufacturing and delivery industry. It works efficiently both indoor and outdoor, even on rough terrain.

Baxter – Rethink Robotics launched its first collaborative robot in 2011, September. It can show its facial expression through the screen face. This way, you can understand its mood. You can teach it various tasks physically.

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