ASIMO: Meet This Amazing Humanoid Robot

Can you name the best humanoid robot which helps scientists to come up with advanced robotic technologies? Well, the answer is ASIMO. In detail, ASIMO means Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility. Besides, the height of this robot is around 130 centimetres, and the weight is approximately 55 KG. Talking about is design, it looks like an astronaut wearing a backpack. He walks at a speed of 4MPH.

Some Interesting Fact About Humanoid Robot ASIMO

The Honda Motors engineers have created this fantastic humanoid robot. Talking about Honda Motors, it is a larges card and power supplies manufacture in the world. In the years 1986, they started to develop helper robots. They wanted to create a robot which can move around the workplace effectively. For this, they were looking for a perfect walking technology. So, they developed a working mechanism using boxes with the robot’s legs. After that they added the head, then the arms and hands.

Humanoid Robot ASIMO- Let’s Learn More About It

After spending a lot of time, the engineers came up with the walking robot, ASIMO. It has around 26 joints. The robot can be controlled through its remote control and the workstation. It has powerful servo motors with a rotating shaft. The shafts help in moving the limbs. Besides, the engineers have fitted a powerful 3D- CPU which has increased is computing ability.

Let’s Have A Look Into The Features Of ASIMO Humanoid Robot

It has a lot of amazing features which let the robot to interact with humans. However, some of these features are:

Humanoid Robot Can Identify Moving Things

The robot has a camera which captures the visual data. He then uses the data to recognise the movements. In detail, it can evaluate the distance that the objects cover and in which direction the object is moving. Besides, it has another feature which makes it follow someone. Based on the distance, it can control its speed.

He Has The Ability To Understand Different Gestures

The humanoid robot can react based on the movements of humans. For example, when you offer a handshake, he will accept it and shake its hand. Besides, it can detect a given direction. So, when you point it to a particular direction, the robot will move into that direction.

He Can Recognize The Surrounding Environment

Humanoid Robot ASIMO- Let’s Learn More About It

By understanding the environment, the robot can cat in the safest way to protect humans. Besides, he can easily identify the possible hazards, for example, stairs and someone coming in front of him.

He Can Understand Different Types Of Sounds

In detail, it can identify different voices and their sources. That’s why he recognises the person talking to him and responds to the person accordingly. Thanks to its modern artificial intelligence technology, which helps it to respond to various questions. He uses his head and eyes to respond. For some questions, it can even offer verbal answers.  

The robot has received massive popularity. In fact, in just one year, the company managed to sold around 50 units. So, in the future, you can expect more such advanced humanoid robot from the company, which are efficient enough to make you happy.

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