5 Best Coding Robotics Kits

Coding Robotics Kit

Before we get into numerous amounts of coding robotics kits available online, let us help you decide what you’re looking for; ask these questions to yourself before buying a coding robotics kit:

Are you willing to learn electronics more and build a robot? or want to learn robotics and programming?

Are you experienced in Python, Raspberry Pi’s, or C++?

Do you have any prior knowledge about these kits? Have you used them before?

As there is a vast range of kits available online at different price points, we will help you choose the best coding robotics kit based on your knowledge and experience.

Best Coding Robotic Kits For Beginners

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If you’re not experienced with robotic kits and willing to know something about them, we got you covered. There are many starter coding robotics kits available that can be programmed using python.

Makeblock Arduino Starter Robot Kit – Ultimate 2.0

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Makeblock Arduino Ultimate 2.0 is an advanced coding robotics kit. It has ten different forms like a robotic arm tank and self-balancing robot etc. It is perfect for beginners to learn robotics and Arduino programming. It comes with an ultrasonic sensor, IR receiver, and IR remote control. You can program it in a graphical editor from scratch.

LEGO 17101 Boost Creative Toolbox Robotics Kit

The Lego 5 in 1 coding robotics kit is the best STEM robot for younger children. It comes with a Lego boost wall poster and Lego move hub. It has an encoded interactive motor and distance sensor. You can build it in 5 different forms with the help of the Boost app. The Boost app is easy to use and turns the learning process fun with its leveling, similar to a video game.

SUNFOUNDER Raspberry Pi Smart Robot Car Kit

The Raspberry Pi car is an affordable coding robotics kit that works with three sensors. It includes line follower, light follower, and ultrasonic obstacle avoidance. It comes with an elaborate user manual that makes it easy to program. You can easily program and debug it with the help of Dragit, a snap based graphical program editor. It is suitable for children of 14 years and above.

Anki Cozmo Robot

The Anki Cozmo robot is an intelligent coding robotics kit that explores and reacts to the environment. It can be remotely controlled and can play games. It works with the help of the Cozmo app on your ios or android device by just dragging and dropping coding blocks. You can play games like a quick tap, memory match, and keep away with Cozmo.

4M Table Top Crab Kit

Crab kit is a smart coding robotics kit that teaches the basics of robotics. It is not programmable. It takes turns at the edges, detects the obstacles, and automatically changes its direction. It is suitable for children of 8 years and above. Just place it on a table and enjoy watching its cool acrobatics.


Not experienced with coding robotics kits and willing to know something about them? Many starter coding robotics kits are available online, but we provided information on the best coding robotics kits. Choose wisely from the information provided above based on your requirements.

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