10 Most Expensive Robots In The World

10 Most Expensive Robots In The World

The word Robot derived from the Czech word “robota”,  which means plodding. Mechanical engineers have been trying to create self-operating machines. Their efforts started during the times of ancient Greece and ancient China. However, the first modern Robot came into being in 1928. However, Jetsons predicted in the 1960s that robots would be an integral part of life for humans in the 21st century.

10 Most Expensive Robots In The World
10 Most Expensive Robots In The World

Asimo – Worth $2.5 Million

World’s most expensive robots are the Asimo humanoid robot. As a part of Honda’s robotics program, Asimo was created. This Robot can operate in crowded places. Moreover, It can adapt to any environment; and can walk on any surface. It also can dance. In addition to this, it runs at a speed of 9 kmph. It’s the only humanoid Robot capable of ascending and descending stairs without any aid. They are also able to make a limited number of gestures since they can read a user’s brainwaves.

Expensive Robots: Valkyrie – Worth $2 Million

Valkyrie is a humanoid robot. NASA designed it to operate in severe and unsafe environments. The Robot receives the command from humans and can perform specific tasks which include twisting and turning its valves. This is one of the most expensive robots, capable of analyzing its environment with lasers radiated from its head. The sonar coming from the abdomen area also helps to do the same. Moreover, it contains 200 individual sensors.

10 Most Expensive Robots In The World
10 Most Expensive Robots In The World

Atlas – Worth $2 Million

It is the world’s most dynamic humanoid Robot which was developed by the American robotics company Boston Dynamics.  They introduced this in the year 2013. This is one of the most expensive robots that can walk over broad types of surface. It has Lidar sensors that sense the location of obstacles to avoid them. Moreover, Atlas can examine the terrain, navigate, and manipulate objects. In addition to this, Atlas can jump and turn upto180 degree.

Expensive Robots: Kuratas – Worth $1.3 Million

The Kuratas is a rideable robot. The Japanese company Suidobashi Heavy Industry built this in 2012. Kurtas can pick up objects and can be equipped with accessories.

Hubo II – Worth $400,000

The humanoid robot research center of Korea made Hubo II.  Its wrists can rotate naturally. Moreover, It can walk and run. It can also dance.

Expensive Robots: HRP-4 – Price $300,000

The HRP-4 is included in a humanoid robotics project. The ministry of economy, trade, and industry of Japan sponsor this project. It was initially designed to make a worker drone. HRP-4 has 34 joints that can move. Along with it, it has arms. Each of the arms can carry nearly a pound.

PR2 Robot System – Worth $280,000

The robotics lab of California introduced PR2 in the year 2010. This Robot has two arms, that is gripped. Moreover, it has an omnidirectional mobile base. The RAM size of this Robot is 48 gigabytes. In addition to this, it has an operating system framework designed exclusively for robots.

The Other most expensive robots include:

I-Cub – Worth $266,000

Xenex – Worth $125,000

Robo Thespian-  Worth $93,000

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