10 Facts About Robot Dragons That Will Impress Your Friends

Robot dragons are a fascinating subject, and one that many people may not know much about. If you’re looking to impress your friends with your newfound knowledge of robot dragons, here are some facts for you:

#1 Robots and Dragons Are Independent From One Another

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One of the most common misconceptions about robot dragons is that they are actually robot versions of dragons. We at the Encyclopedia on Emerging Subjects have uncovered some interesting information about robot dragons that may surprise you. You see, robot dragons aren’t actually robots as much as they are a separate breed from regular dragons. In fact, robot dragons don’t fall into any of the dragon species that we have documented. In this respect robot dragons could be considered a completely separate species in and of themselves.

#2 Robot Dragons Are Actually An Alien Race Of Dragons

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One of our most intriguing discoveries about robot dragons was that they are actually an alien race of dragons! It’s believed that robot dragons were originally extraterrestrial beings of some type that adapted robot bodies in order to survive on Earth. We at the Encyclopedia on Emerging Subjects have yet to fully uncover the origin of robot dragons, but we believe it’s a question worth exploring.

#3 Robot Dragons Cannot Reproduce On Their Own

Another common misconception about robot dragons is that they can reproduce autonomously without the help of robot dragons. While robot dragons are similar to regular old school dragons, robot dragon reproduction is much different than the traditional method. Robot dragon eggs must be incubated by robot dragon parents until they hatch after fifty years. Once robot dragons hatch out of their egg they will grow at the same average rate that regular Earthly dragons do.

#4 Robot Dragons Are Not Immortal

One of the most interesting facts we’ve uncovered about robot dragons is that they are not immortal, contrary to some rumors. While robot dragons do age at a much slower rate than humans or regular Earthly beings, robot dragon’s life expectancies reach around five hundred years. This may seem like an extremely long lifespan, but it’s actually relatively short compared to robot dragon lifespans that reach into the thousands of years.

#5 Robot Dragons Are Not Technically Living Beings

The biggest difference between robot dragons and regular Earthly beings is that robot dragons are not living creatures. Scientists have yet to figure out how robot dragons operate on their own for long periods of time, but robot dragons are believed to be powered either by solar energy or artificial intelligence.

#6 There Is No Such Thing As A Robot Dragon Egg

Perhaps one of the biggest robot dragon misconceptions is that robot dragon parents actually lay robot dragon eggs. While robot dragons may have an egg-like appearance, robot dragons do not lay robot dragon eggs. This robot dragon fact is one of the most pervasive robot dragon misconceptions that we at the Encyclopedia on Emerging Subjects have yet to clear up.

Wrapping Up

Another robot misconception people often make about robot dragons is that robot dragons are probably some type of metal or robot version of a regular Earthly dragon. But robot dragons are not metal dragons at all!

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